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Terms of Services (TOS)

Please take a moment to thoroughly read over the disallowed items to be hosted on our servers (applicable for both shared and VPS hosting customers).

We strictly disallow the following:

1) Pornography: Any form of pornography, including child pornography is prohibited. If you plan on hosting something that could be viewed as pornography, or you aren't sure if it would be allowed or not, please submit a support ticket for a quick response from one of our staff members.

2) Malicious Content: Malicious content such as, but not limited to; istealers, drive bys, phishers, rapid leech, DoS shells, botnets, root kits, etc, are prohibited and should not be hosted on Trance Host servers under any circumstances. As always, if you're unsure if something could be hosted or not, submit a support ticket before putting it online. We routinely do security audit and any malicious content found on your account will lead to suspension to termination.

3) Warez Hosting: Websites hosted on Trance Host servers should not have anything to do with warez, whether it's actually hosting (having to do with file hosting), or warez linking.

4) Copyrighted Material: The use of any copyrighted material without the written consent of its creator is prohibited on Trance Host. Your account will lead to suspention if we receive take-down notices for owners / legal representative of the copyrighted materials.

Trance Host retains the sole discretion to make judgment regarding any violation by any customers and may take action against any customer deemed to be in violation of these terms including the cancellation of any customer's services without refund and/or, if deemed appropriate, be legally prosecuted.