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Changing cPanel Style

Two brand new cPanel styles have been added, allowing you to customise your cPanel experience even more.

Use cPanel's Change Style interface to switch between cPanel interface styles:

1. Login to cPanel.
2. Navigate to cPanel Style: Home > Preferences > Change Style. Choose from one of the four types of styles (Basic, Dark, Light, and Retro).
3. Click "Apply". The style changes will be applied and the pages will also be reloaded to the selected style.

Did we mention that we're love with the Dark style?

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Varnish Support on cPanel

We are delighted to announce that we have added Varnish cache on our servers, making us one of the few hosting companies in the world to offer this. Varnish can dramatically speed up your website, and to enable it, login to your cPanel, click on "Manage Varnish", and enable it for your domains and subdomains.

cPanel - Manage Varnish Settings

What is Varnish Cache?

Varnish is a web application accelerator, which is installed in front of your web server and can speed up your website significantly. It is designed for content-heavy dynamic sites and effectively caches content, so that the web server only needs to fetch website files periodically (when it doesn’t have a relevant cached copy). This means less server resources are required for big content heavy sites, and because the web server doesn’t have to do any work if a page is cached, your users get a lightning fast browsing experience too!

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FileZilla Setup Information

We have decided to completely upgrade our FTP services to *secure* FTP only -- more specifically FTPS (TLS Auth) and FTPES. Now this means that plain (clear) text FTP connections can no longer be made to your accounts.

The only tested and free FTP client we found for both Linux and Windows (XP, Vista) has been FileZilla (although FireFTP under Firefox is another free secure FTP client you could use). You can download and install FileZilla from here.

Linux flavours: Use your Linux distribution's Package Management System to install FileZilla. For Debian and Ubuntu you would type the following from a terminal: sudo apt-get install filezilla

Important FileZilla setup information:

Once you've installed FileZilla you need to setup a "New Site". Click on the "Site Manager" icon -- the icon under the File menu. That will open a new dialog window to allow you to setup a "New Site". Click on "New Site" and then enter in the Host (your domain name), the Port (21) and for Server Type select (FTPES - FTP over explicit TLS/SSL).

Then for Login Type (Normal) and then enter your cPanel Username and Password. You can leave the Account field blank.

Then click on "Connect" and you should now be connecting securely via FTPES to your account.

We hope that this will work out for you. If it doesn't, or if you need further assistance, then please do no hesitate to contact us.

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Ready to Use Free Web Apps List

The following scripts come standard with every hosting account. You can instantly activate these web apps/scripts from your control panel.


phpBB Forum: A flexible discussion board solution with many great features including: Word Censors, Ban Members, IP Banning, Password Protected Forums and more.

SMF: Simple Machines is a next generation community software package which includes themes, fast database, secure file attachments and automatic module installation.

XMB Forum: A powerful web-based bulletin board system written in PHP with a mySQL backend.

Portal/Content Management System

PHP-Nuke: Very popular content management (CMS) and portal solution featuring web-based administration, surveys, customizable blocks, modules and themes with multilanguage support.

phpWebSite: A complete web site content management system (CMS). All client output is XHTML 1.0 and meets the W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative requirements for government agencies.

Post-Nuke Content Management: Two complete solutions for any webmaster who would like to develop his own portal. A superb application with limitless modules for building an online community quickly, easily, and effortlessly. Two content management systems for building a dynamically generated web site that five years ago would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to launch.

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